Become a Supplier

Become a Supplier

The cooperative purchasing landscape has changed over the past 20 years, and the supplier community has been left to sort through numerous national cooperative purchasing offerings to determine which aligns with their values, culture, and drive to serve the public sector.

A premier cooperative purchasing partnership is a game-changer in the public sector SLED (State, Local, and Education) arena.

A True Partnership

GOVMVMT was not created as just another cooperative purchasing option or as an additional tool in the procurement toolbelt. We built GOVMVMT to be a dynamic environment in which industry-leading suppliers can collaborate honestly and effortlessly with public agencies across the county.

Our cooperative community’s top goal is to foster an environment with the highest compliance and ethical standards. In doing so, we can establish a platform where public agencies and top-notch suppliers across the country are able to collaborate to create win-win outcomes.

Are you satisfied with standing still…
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How to Become a Trusted Government Supplier with GOVMVMT

We understand and value the power of partnership with our suppliers and we rely on feedback from the public agencies we serve to determine our direction and growth. We are constantly striving to increase our quality – not quantity – of contracts to ensure that we continue to provide the best value for our end using agencies.

If you’re a supplier interested in joining this movement and would like to learn more about our Lead Public Agency competitive solicitation process, please contact the GOVMVMT team. If your organization is ready to join our Movement and partner with GOVMVMT, please fill out the form below to connect with our team.

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